Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalism, History, and Israeli Society: Gershom Gorenberg

Gershom Gorenberg joined me this week on CrossTalk to talk about his experience as a journalist and historian as well as his perceptions of politics and religion. Gorenberg is an American-born Israeli journalist, historian, and blogger. He focuses on the interaction of religion and politics, currently lives in Jerusalem, and serves as a senior correspondent for The American Prospect. Mr. Gorenberg has most recently published "The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977" which is a comprehensive investigation into Israel's post-1967 history with a focus on Israeli settlement in the lands captured during the Six Day War. Mr. Gorenberg also wrote "The End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount," which investigates the central role of the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem in creating messianic narratives and determining global religion and politics. Gorenberg blogs at South Jerusalem ( a progressive, skeptical blog on Israel, Judaism, culture, politics, and literature.


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