Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unity Between Hamas and Fatah: Perspectives

On Wednesday, April 27th, the rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah announced that they would sign a reconciliation agreement in Cairo this week. The historic deal comes after five years of division of the Palestinian government since Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian elections. Hamas, an Islamic group committed to militant resistance to Israeli occupation, took control of the Gaza Strip while Fatah, a more secular group which has engaged in increasing cooperation with Israel, took control of the West Bank. I will speak with veteran politician and spokeswoman for the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East Peace process, Hanan Ashrawi. I will also speak with Mazen, one of the organizers of the March unity protests in the Gaza Strip, Hassan Khreisheh, the deputy speaker fo the Palestinian Legislative Council, Radii 'Aseedii, the Commander of the Jenin Area Leadership for the Palestinian Army in the West Bank, and Ghassan Khatib, the Spokesman for the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. These discussions offer perspectives on the historic nature of this deal, its meaning for Egypt's role in the Middle East, peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and the timeline that some hope will end in the declaration of an independent Palestinian state. To download this segment as an MP3, please click here.

Special thanks goes to Moses Balian, Chris Brown, Ahmed Elhadded, Zachary Rotholz, and Chase Young for support in producing this segment
image: http://ivarfjeld.wordpress.com