Monday, April 26, 2010

Building a Just Society: Adi Maoz at Sadaka Reut

Adi Maoz is the Jewish Program Director at Sadaka Reut, a joint Arab-Jewish youth movement based in Jaffa, Israel. Ms. Maoz has worked as a group facilitator on a number of projects both with Sadaka Reut, "Peace Now," and multiple Palestinian / Israeli seminars. She is one of many accomplished staff members at Sadaka Reut, which continues to be a dynamic force in realizing political and social change in Israel through the promotion of a binational, multicultural and egalitarian society based on social justice and solidarity. Ms. Maoz joined me live over the phone from Israel to discuss her role as a group facilitator and the Jewish Program Director in work related to Palestinian / Jewish coexistence. She gives an interesting cross section and analysis of Israeli society, particularly the divide between Jewish and Palestinian cultural narratives, as well as a critique of the current political situation.

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