Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dr. Jamal Muhasien: Nablus, Fateh, and Foreign Relations

Dr. Jamal Muhasien sits on the Palestine National Liberation Movement's (Fateh) Foreign Regions Commission and is a member of the Fateh Central Committee in Ramallah. I first met Dr. Muhasien in 2008 while he was Governor of Nablus. After a two year term as Governor, Dr. Muhasien was transfered to Bethlehem, and then to Ramallah and his current position. For his current post he travels to foreign countries on Fateh diplomatic and public relations delegations in order to develop relations between the Ramallah-based Palestinian Government and foreign regimes. In this August 7, 2010 interview in his Ramallah office, Dr. Muhasien shares the history of his service as Governor of Nablus from 2007-2009 at which time rival gangs and political groups ruled the city by force, as well as his work with the Fateh Foreign Regions Commission in creating a future independent state of Palestine.

Audio is currently being translated. Check back often.


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